Our products will be delivered throughout Italy within 4/5 working by courier from the day of shipment prior audit of payment; for deliveries abroad working day will vary from country to country.
The office orders evade all orders received in order of arrival. Your order will normally be processed within the next day (for credit or other payment occurred).
The processing time is variable, because it becomes 24/36 hours after the weekend or when there is an increase in the number of orders received daily.
The courier will not delivery on Saturday and Sunday. Orders received in the day on Saturday, will be processed on the following Monday in the case of immediate payment method paypal or after the verification of accreditation on the C / C.
It will be possible to agree with the courier notice phone (optional fee) for product delivery and monitoring phases of the shipment by entering the number of the consignment or tracking number communicated when shipped via email which is specified however ETD estimated date of start-ETA estimated date of arrival.
We ship all over ITALY including San Marino.
The SINGLE RATE THROUGHOUT ITALY INCLUDING ISLANDS is of € 10,00 with courier MAIL boxes or DHL (except Islands for which will be delivered by a quote). For amounts above € 100.00 the shipping is free. For EU countries rates will vary in relation to those applied by the carrier per country.
Perishable products

The Group's objective Grifo Agribusiness is to safeguard always the product, guaranteeing the perfect conservation throughout the trip: for this reason is used, when necessary, dry ice as a refrigerant. Is also being paid the utmost care in the packaging of products, using polystyrene boxes that preserve the contents from temperature changes and shocks accidentali.Nel when dispatched to foreign countries, or special shipments involving the use of systems for refrigerated perishables (T 4 ° C), the French customs and transport costs will vary and will be submitted at the time depending on the origin of the customer.