The Agribusiness Group Grifo is a major production company and processing agribusiness in Umbria (Italy), substantial for the economy of the region thanks to a system of synergies '100% Umbria'.
L 'company produces well-being by ensuring food supply chain in the various processes of full transparency on the source of production is on the methods used in the transformation that guarantee maximum attention to the parameters of quality and respect for the environment.
The Grifo Group aspires to be a benchmark in the market, taking the lead role capable of preserving the origins, traditions and ancient flavors of a land still very generous, in order to meet consumer expectations.
Its 'core business' is represented by agricultural products more typical of the Apennines. Organized into six divisions of transformation is characterized by the respective brand: first the milk and milk products under the brand Grifo Latte; products spun paste Colfiorito, dairy products Norcia, Umbria legumes, wines of Cantina Colli Amerini and gastronomy Corradi Umbria Flavors.

The Agribusiness Group Grifo, today and tomorrow, will work:

to develop agricultural production of its members with the aim of maximum respect for tradition and the permanence of man in the territories;
to qualify all products indicating the origin on the label to ensure transparency, natural and excellent view of food security;
to collaborate with those who care about the common good of the people (institutions, citizens, forces
social, consumer, etc.) for the growth of the territory, economy, culture.
to respect ethical principles in the production and processing of products respecting them
rules and regulations be in employment, environment, health, etc.


We like our group as one of the ambassadors in the world of our way of being genuine, spontaneous, transparent, attached to the good life and respectful of other people's tastes and sensitivities.

We would like to be a company that knows how to grow without losing its characteristics of craftsmanship and passion in doing things.
We would always have your head up in stating what we are and what we do well and with dedication.
We would like to work again with the conviction of being a small part of a whole more important.
We would like to hear all those who purchase our products involved in the life of a company and more than 1,500 people (farmers, workers, vendors, etc.) That are employed in the supply chain Grifo and their families.
We would like to hear the cooperative as a common good of the community.

Why we decided to open a shop on line with what we see as the excellent food we produce more representative of Umbria?
Semplicemnete because we want these excellent and the flavors so typical of Umbria and can be purchased by everyone from everywhere and delivered in your own home. Our company, since its inception dating back to 1967, in all processes of the supply chain has always tried to maintain high quality standards so as to guarantee the origin Umbria 100% of its products; Today, even with the shop on line intends to maintain this food value by offering the opportunity to buy our TREASURES OF UMBRIA, namely quality products with certified origin.