Formaggio Pecorino Testa Nera stagionato

Formaggio Pecorino Testa Nera stagionato

Testa Nera is a more aged pecorino cheese not easy to eat. It’s very well known in Umbria and it is part of our special dairy products. Constituted by high-quality sheep milk, it’s characterized by a friable consistency and a slime red crust obtained after the aging process with preserved passata of tomato.

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After the aging process of 120 days, its taste is inimitable, stronger, more specific,  and so friable that it melts in your mouth releasing all tastes and flavors of high-quality sheep milk. It’s ideal to prepare tasting cheese platters or succulent antipastos for happy hour or particular events: an essential ingredient for high-quality catering. Today it takes part of the excellence of Gruppo Grifo Alimentare pecorino cheese and it’s produced in the new cheese factory of Norcia at the center of Monti Sibillini National Park. Available in whole cheese wheel of 1,4 kg (the measures can be different).

It’s necessary to conserve in the colder part of the fridge, enveloped in a breathable cotton cloth, in order to taste the typical pecorino cheese flavors. Take out the fridge at least 30 minutes before eating it.