Farro spezzato Colfiorito

Farro spezzato Colfiorito

Typical product of mountain areas of Italy, grown and harvested in the region of Umbria (Italy), particularly in the highlands of Colfiorito and Castelluccio di Norcia and Monteleone di Spoleto. In the kitchen fits preprazione of soups, sauces for pasta salads ee. This product is guaranteed 100% by the Group Umbria Grifo Agribusiness.

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The line Legumes Umbria was born with the intention to expand the range of products Grifo Agribusiness Group to enhance the products of the mountain and valley areas of Umbria. This choice shows a path already started within a project cross diversification stretched to incorporate in their food chain all the products of the earth.

The packaged products come exclusively from the territories of Umbria. Strictly obtained from selected seeds, are subjected to a rigorous process that involves screening and cleaning product with subsequent selection of color through a sophisticated machine to optical detection. This selection allows you to reset the seed to its original giving the product distinctive and special features that can not be found in common products purchased in stores.