Salsa francescana Corradi Umbria & Sapori

Salsa francescana Corradi Umbria & Sapori

The sauce takes inspiration from the Franciscan sacredness of places of Assisi in Umbria and its local products; we wanted to make this recipe using simple ingredients and fresh mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) in order to maintain unchanged the taste and aroma. This sauce is very suitable to prepare delicious anitipasti or as a condiment for pasta and meat dishes.


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The sauces are the specialty of the division of food group Grifo Agribusiness 'Corradi Umbria Flavors' where creativity, in preserving the culinary traditions of the past, offering new flavors and solutions. By building on the tradition of supplying the housewives Dispenza with a variety of canned products that comprise each season made it available, the Food Corradi wanted to retrace these habits of producing food specialties so that they were always available if necessary as appene cooked. A careful choice of the raw materials is the starting point for the preparation of our sauces and condiments. The attention to every detail, the absolute devotion to every small great detail, this is the force that we put up with the heart of each creation. Appetizing ideas painted the color scheme of nature, using only products grown naturally and prepared trying to keep the freshness, flavor and taste like freshly picked, originate tasty condiments ready to be used in various combinations to elegantly enhance the flavor of each TV. Sauces and condiments are available in packs and in a variety of sizes to meet every need and situation.